Friday, July 03, 2009

While Steve Jobs got a liver transplant...

CUPERTINO, CA - OCTOBER 14:  (FILE PHOTO)  App...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

How Apple didn't manage to make a deal with U2 on this latest tour makes me wonder. Did the Apple/U2 negotiations happen to coincide with Steve Jobs' 6-month absence? Surely Steve Jobs wouldn't have let this opportunity slip through Apple's hands. And yet here's U2's latest gargantuan world tour and the big smart-phone sponsor is RIM's iPhone competitor Blackberry.

After having appeared in Apple iPod ads for "Vertigo", it would have been a natural follow-up to have featured U2 on the iPhone 3GS - imagine sharing video clips of the concerts directly from the show. It would have been the most obvious way to promote the iPhone 3GS. In light of Steve Jobs' absence, this might be one of the most obvious things to point out. Would Steve Jobs have missed an opportunity like this to RIM? Hard to imagine.

U2 will be coming to the Dallas-Fort Worth area on October 12th. The concert will be the first big show of note at Cowboys Stadium and one that will highlight the stadium's technology. But how will the amazing stage fit under the big 60 yard midfield diamond vision screen?

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