Thursday, September 30, 2004

You can get the A-Z list here. Ideally I'd make a 'compleat' collection of these - but I'd love to hear from someone that's already gone to the trouble.  Posted by Hello

Beatles A-Z

beatles-discography.comA big memory for me from the early 80's is listening to the Zoo and their Beatles A-Z broadcasts. I taped them in marathon sessions where I'd have all the cassettes lined-up & ready for flipping when a side was done. Those tapes - I listened to them so much. So much so - that for each Beatles' song I can still hear the beginning of what would be the next one on the list. "Mother Nature's Son" was always followed by John's voice yelping "Mr Moonlight", and so on. I was singing "Mr Moonlight" in the shower yesterday morning - such a funny song. I think I'll have to request this song at the next Hard Night's Day gig I go to.

Agency Tests Security Blimp in Washington

Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | Agency Tests Security Blimp in WashingtonAnother step in the rebirth of the Blimp-Age!

DC Security Blimp tested - Won't be surprised to see one floating over most US skylines soon. Nifty lookin' things, n'est pas? Posted by Hello

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Haven't seen the film yet, but had to post the fabulous looking Zeppelin scene here. If anyone's seen it, by all means, let me know how it was. Posted by Hello

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Looks like we'll hear about the SJ Earthquakes' status by next Friday if not sooner. Posted by Hello

San Antone on the MLS Soccer Map? SoccerThe San Antonio Express-News reports on the possibility of the San Jose Earthquakes relocating to Texas.

Count your blessings local MLS Soccer fans - it could've been worse than a drive up to Frisco for us.  Posted by Hello

Sunday, September 05, 2004

I like the new iMac, but I think in the search for a smaller computer, they sacrificed the design whimsy that the iMac G4 (that looks like a desklamp) has.  Posted by Hello

Joswiak: 'True to What an iMac Has Always Been About'

Yahoo! News - Joswiak: 'True to What an iMac Has Always Been About'After the initial hype about what the new iMac G5 looks like, MacCentral has a good interview with an Apple VP about the design details. He reveals a lot about their decision process. I like that they don't immediately go for the heavy duty leading edge tech solutions. I think it's a mistake that PC manufacturers make when they want to get the latest & greatest out on the street - they look to see what the IT pros are doing at work. Well - that doesn't always apply to what the home user will need.