Monday, March 31, 2008

Cricket at the Aldridge Baseball Diamond

On Saturday my Dad and I walked by my old elementary school on the way
to the grocery store. We happened to notice these guys playing cricket
on the baseball diamond at Aldridge Elementary. I heckled them over
the chain link fence a bit telling them that they're in the wrong
hemisphere and chanting for them the "Hey batter batter SWING!" chant.
Aside from the big changes at Aldridge (new turn-about, renovations to
the exterior, etc.), it's clear that there are some major demographic
changes in the old neighborhood as well.

As slow a pace that cricket seems to have, maybe it's a better sport
to play here in North Texas in July and August than baseball is
anyway. These guys were happy enough playing it.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Anti-Emo Violence Plagues Mexico as Attacks Increase

A report from Rolling Stone's "Rock & Roll Daily" blog today caught me checking to see today's date. Why? Because I thought it might already be April 1st. I mean, this is as close to an Onion farce as possible without actually being an Onion send-up.
A wave of anti-emo violence has descended on Mexico. The first reported instance occurred on March 7th, when 800 young people came to the city of Queretaro with the sole purpose of finding emo kids to beat up. The anti-emo movement has propagated from message boards and social-network sites led by youths who dislike “the emo look and attitude.” A week after the Queretaro incident, a group comprised of punks and rockabillies faced off against the emo crowd. In response to the attacks, the emo population staged a silent march asking for peace and tolerance through Queretaro’s main center on March 15th. The march was organized by a Mexico City gay-rights organization that feels the anti-emo attacks are fueled by homophobia. The problem is not only restricted to Mexico, however: Reports from Chile of skinheads fighting emo kids occurred prior to the Mexican violence.

Even better are the comments below the post:


PinballWizard | 3/27/2008, 9:33 pm EST

It’s just like the Mods & Rockers!

mcache | 3/27/2008, 9:06 pm EST

I’ll give $15 to any Mexican who brings me the empty skull of Chris Carrabba

Locust | 3/27/2008, 8:53 pm EST


vault | 3/27/2008, 6:57 pm EST

We need a border wall to keep emos out.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Twilight for Baby Possum...

Is the start of a brand new day. Snapped this photo at 8pm last night
as this baby possum's evening was just getting started. It didn't take
too well to my camera or me getting a few feet away. But that made it
crawl out of the street and back on the sidewalk; a safer place
without a doubt.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Belated Easter!

Easter basket stuffed duck strikes a Joe Cool pose.

Beatles Matryoshka Dolls

Just a quick e-mail post to share my prize office possession: my
Russian Matryoshka Beatles. I got these from my friend Mo's garage
sale years ago for a buck. John, Paul, George & Ringo have started
many conversations ever since. The artist is from Moscow. His name is
written on the bottom of the biggest nesting doll: John, which I
assume means that he was the artist's favorite Beatle. "Mockba 1991"
is written right next to the signature. Each Beatle has two portraits-
one from the psychedelic era and the other from the Let It Be/Abbey
Road days. Thanks, Mo for the bargain.