Saturday, July 26, 2008

Olympics 2008 Gorillaz' Monkey Teaser for BBC Sport

The Summer Olympics approach. The Beijing Smog dissipates to reveal a 21st Century marvel of sports and media like none other before. NBC plans to provide no less than 200+ hours of event programming DAILY through its various media channels online & on TV. And none other than the stuffy old Beeb trumps NBC in a big way here with this daring Gorillaz magical mystery tease trailer for the 2008 Olympics. Would this work on American TV?
As much media coverage as there has been about the difficult year that China has had in the run-up to the Olympics, it has enhanced the drama far more sharply than any old torch relay could. Will the algae ponds ruin the crew relays? Will the air quality force officials to cancel outdoor endurance events? Will Tibetan monks embarrass Chinese politicos? Will media coverage of the ongoing earthquake recovery efforts spoil the magic? This is supposed to be modern China's coming-out party. Will this whole event be a fiasco?

Forget about Britney Spears. Worry no more about Amy Winehouse. No more choreographed realities. Cancel the daytime soaps. VP running mates? NFL Training Camp hold-outs? Puh-leease. Get your popcorn ready. It's time for round the clock sports like we've never had before.