Sunday, December 30, 2007

Former Old Monk Barmen take their chances on Downtown Plano & DART Rail

( Photo courtesy of G.J. McCARTHY/DMN)

Co-owners Gabe Whatley and Kelly Wesner, who previously helped operate The Old Monk, a popular Dallas pub, built the Fillmore in a building that was previously a hardware store, pharmacy and antiques shop.
Mr. Whatley said the crowds have encouraged him.
"People are looking to us to bring more people to the neighborhood, and I think we have," he said.
Gabe & Kelly are great guys. Pablo's Point wishes them much success in their suburban endeavors. Are Plano pubs smoke-free? I'm ready for Dallas pubs to go smoke free. Half the kids "smoking" at the Old Monk just let their ciggies dangle & stink up the joint so that they look cool. Let's move the smokers outside once & for all.

Sad news about the Tecole Taco House across the street from the Idle Rich Pub. It has been closed. Word is that it will be reopened in the new year as a mere pub. The food was really tasty. And it was a great place to get churros with caramel: a very effective hangover remedy.