Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Personal Blimp Progress

Congratulations go to Dan Nachbar on the NPR coverage of his Personal Blimp. The FAA has granted his experimental craft the permission to take passengers along on board. He e-mailed me the details:

"After nine months of waiting, the FAA has finally said
"YES" to the request that Mike Kuehlmuss (my cobuilder) and I
be allowed to take passengers in Alberto, the Personal Blimp!
Getting rid of this stumbling block is a big step forward."

We've been in touch for more than 3 years now. (Pablo's Point blogged about his "SkyYacht" way back when.) Well, NPR has just filed a story on the Blimp. And I couldn't be happier for Dan. It's a really well put together project. And the Boston Globe coverage below is excellent. It's wonderful to see such a graceful aircraft. (Especially in light of summer travel stories from our nation's airports: 7 hour wait for takeoff on the runway, cancelled flights, crowded & germy planes, etc.) Our future's in the hands of small entrepreneurs like Dan & co. who patiently test out these vanguard ideas & ready them for the marketplace. Onward,airships!