Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lost Discussion Deficiency Syndrome

Our pal Mari sent in this clever vid clip to Pablo's Point... a very nicely produced homage to big pharma TV ads - it acknowledges the casual viewer's difficulty in following the hazy, labyrinthine plot mechanics of "Lost". J.J. Abrams is brilliant for devising the mid season "finale". It allows for his Hawaii-based, drunk-driving cast to dry out for 2 months. And it gives Lost's writers time to figure out plot-lines for February-May. The writers must wrestle with the delicate balance of how many cliff-hangers they can get away with in one season vs. delivering the occasional "fish biscuit" to the loyal "Lost" viewership. We will eagerly devour tonight's episode hot off the DVR. But how much longer will the spell last? Only Desmond knows.

My favorite big pharm TV ad is for the sleeping pill Rozerem.