Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Soccer!!! One month till World Cup 2006

The spectacle that is the world's most watched sports event - Soccer's World Cup - begins in one month. Happened to see this fantastic commercial yesterday.

I want to know which ad agency put it together for Gatorade here. This is a fantastic tv ad. Regardless of how our U.S. squad performs in Germany, this ad captures the state of the game of "futbol, soccer, football" in the United States in 2006. There's the frustration of early-stage growth vs. high expectations. And we see plenty of how the rest of the world feels about us trying on their sport for our XXL size: "Yankees Go Home!". Then it ends with the thrill of qualification for the big show - goal-by-beautiful-goal. In 30 seconds I was ready for World Cup 2006 - no matter the outcome.

I'm lobbying hard to get my office to bring in a television during the World Cup to show the games live. (With a lot of 11AM & 2PM CST game times, what else am I supposed to do?)

D Magazine's FrontBurner blog is a guilty pleasure for Dallasites. I noticed this Adam McGill soccer-related post tonight. Adam's FrontBurner post links to a great LA Times article responding to W's weak endorsement of soccer. Dallas' role in the history of U.S. Soccer has come full circle with Kenny Cooper Jr. playing for F.C. Dallas.