Thursday, May 20, 2004

Hello & Welcome to Pablo's Point!

Snappy name, eh? Glad you like it. It'll do for now. Here at Pablo's Point you will find links to those articles, photos, thoughts, laughs, and Onion Polls that I used to overload your e-mail accounts with before. Yes - those pesky articles on zeppelins & dirigibles, how bad smoking is for you, links to Pete Townshend's diary posts & interviews, reviews of last night's show/game, etc. - you will find them here now.

More importantly, you'll find it WHEN you want to find it. (Instead of receiving it on e-mail, then deleting it a month later to make space on your account. Yes - you! And you know who you are.) Feel free to nose around the place - and post replies when the spirit moves you.